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  • There are still openings in the November 10-11 Fall Suzuki Piano Workshop. Register now!
  • I currently have openings at FaithSlaker Music in Noble Square and at the Music Institute of Chicago in Evanston. If you have valued your time with me, please feel free to pass along my information!
  • The Winter Recital has been scheduled for 6:30pm, Thursday, December 20th at Sherwood!


Thank you everyone that participated in this year's summer contest! I got some really fun videos and the judges had a lot of fun watching them. For playing his instrument in a creative, unusual, or impressive way, Declan win's this year's contest playing his version of Disturbed's version of The Sound of Silence. Declan gets one FREE LESSON to work on WHATEVER he wants at the piano, plus his choice of where he plays in the order of the winter recital. Please congratulate him when you see him! Well done!

For the past three Januaries I have been attending the Suzuki Festival in Lima, Peru as a teacher, a student, and a community builder. I have been building relationships with Suzuki teachers and students of all instruments from all over South America. These include regions that are underserved in both music education and access to quality instruments, yet are still a vibrant part of Suzuki Community. 

This event is one of the biggest Suzuki festivals in the Americas with the largest number of countries participating. Some of the best teacher trainers are there to impart their knowledge and experience, and there is a sharing of so many ideas on topics ranging from early childhood education, to starting Suzuki programs, to proper parent education in the classroom.

I'd like to continue to attend this festival in order to learn from this wider community, to bring my teaching experience to students who attend the festival, and to study with some of the most respected teachers in the field. 

I'm looking for funding for the necessities: plane ticket, hotel, transportation, and the cost of any course I might be able to attend (Early Childhood Education, Suzuki Philosophy, Suzuki Piano Book 1, Dalcroze).

$25 from 50 people will get me halfway there! I hope to reach this goal by November to be able to commit to my colleagues in South America and purchase my plane ticket. Thank you so much for your support!

Any funds acquired above my necessary personal funds will be donated to the Peru festival for funding future festivals and projects (including such projects as supporting teachers in rural Peru via Skype, providing instruments to underserved communities, and funding the education of the newly accessible Cuban teachers at such festivals).


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