_mg_6295Having access to a quality piano every day is essential to piano study. Though I cannot recommend a specific piano or price range, I can recommend either and upright console or a full grand piano if you have the room in your home and your budget.

When shopping for a piano, it is a great idea to have a piano technician with you to check out what you are thinking of purchasing. You can find a qualified piano technician from The Piano Technician’s Guild, or by asking your piano teacher. For a really good reference on purchasing a piano, what to look for, and things to consider in buying a used piano, pick up a copy of The Piano Book by Larry Fine. Your teacher might keep one in her studio to lend out to piano shoppers, so do ask!

For parents or students interested in finding a suitable starter piano, the following dealers in Chicago come highly recommended and several of them you may check out online.

Steinway Piano Gallery
Diane Duncan
67 East Oak Street #2E
(312) 374-8112

They have a nice selection of Steinway-made pianos of high caliber. Rent-to-own. Purchase to later upgrade.

American Music World
7655 Roosevelt Rd
Forest Park, IL 60130
(708) 771-1890

They have a large selection and also have rentals (which they allow to go towards the price of purchasing the piano).

Grand Piano Haus
3640 W. Dempster
Skokie, IL 60076
(847) 679-9160

They have a selection of used pianos.

Radford Piano Services, Inc.
(773) 761 - 5397

They do rentals of used student pianos as well as rent-to-own deals.

If what you have looked at so far doesn’t seem to be in your budget, looking at 
craigslist as well as your local classified ads might result in finding some excellent deals on used pianos (though you will be responsible fore delivery, whereas the above dealers will take care of that for you).


If you must use a keyboard* (you don’t have the room for a piano or have especially cantankerous neighbors), it is essential that it has 88 touch-sensitive (or weighted) keys and at least a damper pedal. 
Do not purchase used keyboards.

For more information on shopping for a piano or keyboard, I recommend you visit 
www.know-your-keyboard-piano.com. It is a very helpful site that might make your quest a little simpler! 

Listed below are some keyboards that fit the requirements:

Roland RP-201 (what I use to practice, if necessary)

Casio PX100
Casio PX110
Casio wk 8000
Casio px-700
Suuki C-11
Yamaha dgx 620

All of the above keyboards can be found at Costco or Best Buy with price ranges of $600 to $2000, though this is often more costly than purchasing a used piano. (A bench and an adjustable stand must also be purchased with an electronic keyboard.)

* I do not recommend using a keyboard for piano study AT ALL. You will not develop the sensitivity of touch necessary to control the sound at a piano if you practice solely on a keyboard.

_________________________________________ Also necessary for piano study (whether you purchase a piano or an electronic keyboard) is a good adjustable footstool, which can be found at www.ymonline.com for about $50, or more solidly and lasting here: http://pianofootrest.com/stacking-footrest.html. If you come across any other trustworthy dealers in the area, please let me know so I can include it in this list! And if you have nay further questions, please e-mail me!
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