Faith Slaker music assumes a holistic approach to teaching your child that emphasizes a deep understanding and appreciation for music.  This type of approach also provides your child with a creative outlet, contributes to a development of a sense of responsibility and pride, and fosters poise and confidence.  Meeting your child wherever he is and tailoring a method to his needs makes for a far more rewarding lesson for you as well as for your child.  Incorporated in all lessons are composition, improvisation, and performing techniques.


Private Lessons are the most traditional and most effective way of studying a musical instrument.  Focused one-on-one attention lets the teacher see exactly what your child is ready to learn, how fast he can progress on a given day and also give your child the perfect stimulating balance between games and focused learning.  A variety of methods are used with supplemental worksheets or activities books so that you can see at home, exactly what your child is retaining from his lesson.  Lessons are 45 minutes long and the parent may be required to attend the lesson of a child under the age of 12.


Suzuki Lessons are based on the “mother-tongue” approach and are tailored for the very young beginner (typically age 3-4).  Parent responsibility (and attendance of all lessons), nurturing encouragement, and constant repetition are some of the core ideas of this method, which focuses on beautiful playing and good technique. Rather than use exercises to create skill, the repertoire in the Suzuki method is graded in level and teaches children the techniques they need as they progress, while always having the opportunity to play beautiful performance-worthy pieces.  For the very young beginner, Suzuki lessons start at 30 minutes long, often times with the parent taking the first couple of lessons in order to learn how to be an effective teacher at home.


Group Classes are a complement to Suzuki Private Lessons and are usually attended by a few students of similar age and skill level.  This gives the student the opportunity to be motivated by his peers, to have regular performance opportunities, and to become part of a community in which music is the core connection.  


General Music classes in Music Theory, History, and Appreciation are offered based on enrollment during the summer months for students and parents that are interested. College prep is one of the focuses for the older child, and recognizing and applying what is learned in lessons to day-to-day life is one of the focuses for the younger child.

When considering lessons for your child, it is important that you provide them the highest quality instrument within your means.  Click here for information on piano shopping in the Chicagoland area.  

  Current Rates for 2018 - 2019
Fall Quarter: September, October, November
    $540 per quarter for 25 minute lessons (Suzuki beginners only)
$756 per quarter for 40 minute lessons
    $960 per quarter for 55 minute lessons

The above rates reflect charges for private lessons held in my home (for quarterly payments) and do NOT reflect the rates of studying at Sherwood Community Music School at Columbia College or the Music Institute of Chicago.